Pintura em Seda




Mia Mendes was born in Luanda - Angola. Studied math in Luanda's Science University, but art had a special place in her life.

Studied several artistic fields (oil painting, porcelain and drawing) but it was silk painting that revealed to become her passion.

She has been developing her artistry with silk and other textiles since the year 2000.

Her works are strongly influenced by nature with animal and floral motifs and the color pallet shows African influences full of warm and vibrant colors.

Today she reproduces patterns of "samacacas" (traditional cloths of southern Angola) on natural silk playing with and without the original tones. The result is both beautiful and vivacious. 



Using different techniques (painting freehand, color separation "gutta" and frame fixing silk, salt, strings) Mia presents several proposals for garments, accessories and decorative pieces.

In Atelier Miasilk, Mia offers various courses on 
silk and textiles painting.